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LCDR Antone R. Gallaher

LCDR Antone Renkl Gallaher
Dec 1943 - Feb 1945

Antone R. Gallaher was born on August 19, 1909 in Augusta, GA.  He joined the navy as an enlisted man and entered the U. S. Naval Academy from the regular navy graduating in 1933.  LCDR Gallaher qualified in submarines in 1937.  He was Commanding Officer of the submarine R-13 from February 1942 to April 1943.   He assumed command of the USS Bang (SS-385) in December 1943 and commanded her during Bang's first five war patrols in the Pacific for which he was awarded the Navy Cross four times.   He was one of only nine men awarded four Navy Crosses in World War II.   Captain Gallaher was Commander, Submarine Development Group 2 in New London, CT from July 1953 to August 1955, responsible for developing tactics and equipment to allow submarines to effectively detect and destroy enemy submarines.  Subsequently Captain Gallaher was Commanding Officer of the destroyer tender USS Prarie (AD-15) from September 1958 to October 1959.   Following this assignment, Captain Gallaher assumed command of Submarine Flotilla One in San Diego until December 1961.  He retired as a U.S. Navy Captain.

After retiring from the Navy, Captain Gallaher taught math and trigonometry at George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church, VA during the early to mid 1970's.

Captain Gallaher departed on eternal patrol from San Diego, CA at the age of 73 on October 13, 1982.

Captain Antone R. Gallaher as CO of USS Prarie (AD-15)              Captain Antone R. Gallaher as CO of USS Prarie (AD-15)