USS BANG ROSTER 1943 - 1972

Names Complete Only Thru 1962

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Taff, Jr Clarence O ETERNAL PATROL 7/2016 69-71 CO
Talbott, Jr Edwin "M" ETERNAL PATROL 10/2009 46 Ltjg
Tardiff Henry ETERNAL PATROL 66-68 EMC
Tasson Michael Joseph ETERNAL PATROL 44-46 EM WP 5,6
Tavares Charles Robert ETERNAL PATROL 3/1974 45-46 TM
Taylor Richard T ETERNAL PATROL 8/2015 44-46 MoMM WP 5,6
Taylor Verner E unknown(Not Listed) 58-61 TM
Teeter William Don TAD - 1mo 45-46 TM
Terry Rick unknown(Too Many) 66-68 IC
Thalasinos Wayne B 4730 Hall Rd 57-60 TM
Thamm, USN Ret Capt. Tom B ETERNAL PATROL 55-57 Lt
Tharp Ted R unknown(Not Listed) 51 Lt ComCrew2
Theodoro James D unknown(MO?)Not Listed) oo-72 SN
Thole Alan 13930 Xanthus Ave 67-69 IC
Thomas Jon W ETERNAL PATROL 4/2016 64-65 MM
Thompson Robert Drysdale ETERNAL PATROL 8/1992 46 Ens
Thompson Sheldon D ETERNAL PATROL 58-60 FTU
Thomson James H ETERNAL PATROL 11/2009 63 YN
Thorndyke Thomas unknown(CT?) 66-68
Thornton Johnny E 5488 Fort Caroline Road 71-72 STS
Thurston Lewis unknown(Too Many) 68-72 BM
Tice, Jr George D address unknown 59-60 LT
Tierney Cornelius E 19360 Magnolia Grove Sq 54-56 QM
Unit 416
Tillman Frederic L TAD - 1mo 60 IC
Titsworth George A unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 EM
Tolliver Frederick K Saluda, VA 58-59 EN
Tomer Phillip Charles ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 GM WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Toro Dino D ETERNAL PATROL 9/2012 56-58 IC
Trafton Ronald L 5273 Trafton Parkway 68-70 ETN
Trapp, Jr Herman G unknown(Not Listed) 60 ETN
Trehern Elmer ETERNAL PATROL 53-56 EMC
Trujillo Avelino A ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 RM WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Tucker Charles R ETERNAL PATROL 4/2012 44-46 Ltjg-Lt WP 5,6
Tucker John Martin unknown(Too Many) 46 QM
Tullock James E unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 TMT
Turner Frederick Vincent TAD - 2mo 46 GMC
Turner Thomas J TAD - 9wk 55 RM
Tynan Donald E ETERNAL PATROL 61-68 EN
Uhlmann Robert S ETERNAL PATROL 64-67 IC
Ulrich Louis D ETERNAL PATROL 9/2015 59 FN
Uzenoff Ronald J LKA-ManassasVA 62 SN
Vahle Gordon F 1174 W Cherokee Rd 66-68 SK
Valentine Elgin Richard ETERNAL PATROL 5/1988 43-44 EM
Vangen Willard R ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 EM WP 1,2,3
VanMetre James M 9006 Nomini Lane 60-61 LTjg
Vannoy II Richard T 7320 Cowles Mountain Blvd 65-66 TM
Veal Sammie L unknown(Not Listed) 55-56 TN
Veard Arthur T ETERNAL PATROL 60-63 EMC
Venneman Ted unknown(FL?) 68-72
Venzon Eliseo T address unknown 62 TN
Vickers Terry G unknown(Not Listed) 68-72 SN
Villegas Dario address unknown 61-62 CS
Vincent Donald A 851 Vandenburg Drive 63-65 EN
Vocale Joseph F 1638 SW 148th Ter 54-56 FN
Vogel Robert L 946 Veterans Way #102-508 70-72 ETR
Vogelsang John W unknown(Not Listed) 45-46 TM
Volonino Dominick F 9059 E Weyburn Dr 52-53 SO ComCrew3
VonDerLieth William H ETERNAL PATROL 3/2019 52-57 IC ComCrew3
Vuolo J unknown(Too Many) oo-72 TM
Vyskocil Daniel E ETERNAL PATROL 1/2013 60-62 TM
Wachter Bartlett L ETERNAL PATROL 68-69 QM
Wageley Calvin Arthur ETERNAL PATROL 44 EM WP 1
Wagenbrenner Fred ETERNAL PATROL 2/1947 46-47 EM
Wagner Curtis J unknown(Not Listed) 56-57 RM
Wagner Herbert W address unknown 62 MM
Wagner Robert D unknown(Too Many) 59-61 IC
Wagner Virl Reeves ETERNAL PATROL 43-47 TM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Waite Harvey J "Gunner" ETERNAL PATROL 52-58 GM, SO ComCrew3
Walborn K E unknown(Not Listed) oo-72 TM
Walker Charles E 25 Jenkins Road 62-63 MM
Walker Frank A 21195 Cancun 52-55 Ltjg
Walker, Sr Edward C ETERNAL PATROL 2/2014 52-54 TM ComCrew3
Wallace Kenneth Robert unknown(Too Many) 46 FN
Wallace Sam W ETERNAL PATROL 11/2012 60-62 SDCA
Walters Carl Clifford ETERNAL PATROL 9/1977 43-44 SM WP 1,2
Ward Charles B address unknown 52-53 CS ComCrew3
Ward James O address unknown 61-62 SD
Warden James E. S. ETERNAL PATROL 1/10 43-44 Ltjg WP 1,2,3,4
Ware Robert C ETERNAL PATROL 7/2017 64-65 STS
Waring Aaron unknown(Not Listed) 58-60 SD
Warner, Jr Arthur H ETERNAL PATROL 45-46 XO-CO
Watson James D ETERNAL PATROL 45-46 QM also 51-52
Wattingger C G unknown(Not Listed) oo-72 EN
Watts Bert R ETERNAL PATROL 52-54 CS ComCrew3
Watzka Byron J unknown(Not Listed) 51-52 EN
Webb Carmon H ETERNAL PATROL 58-62 EN
Webb Leroy O ETERNAL PATROL 12/2017 54-55 TM
Webb, Jr Obil Julian TAD - 2mo 46 RM
Weber Carl A ETERNAL PATROL 5/2013 62-63 RMCM COB
Webster Stephen T 5212 Chippewa Pl 62-64 Lt
Weedin, Jr Max Robert ETERNAL PATROL 1/1987 44 EM WP 3,4
Weeks Robert L address unknown 62 SOG
Weis Oliver T 13 Reynolds Rd 58-60 FT
Welch Brian Grant ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 Lt WP 1,2
Welch Gordon E TAD - 9wk 55 RM
Welcomer Ray ETERNAL PATROL 52-54 EN
Welikson Ralph LKA-BrooklynNY 56-58 SN
Wells Charles P unknown(Too Many) 51-52 EN ComCrew2
Wells, Jr John J TAD - 7wk 62 ETN
Wenz Donald A 23 Scopelitis Ct 68 QM
Weston James E TAD - 5wk 52 ET
Wetekamm Jules unknown(Not Listed) 59 ETC
White Carl E PO Box 237 56-60 TM
White Robert E ETERNAL PATROL 12/2012 52-56 EN ComCrew3; COB
Whitehead, Jr Herschel C unknown(Not Listed) 52-55 EN ComCrew3
Whiteside Benjamin Ambrose TAD - 3mo 46 SC
Whittaker John R TAD - 1mo 59 CS
Whittet Robert J ETERNAL PATROL 4/2018 53-55 CS
Whitworth Walter Thomas ETERNAL PATROL 44-46 TMC WP 4,5,6
Wietzel III Karl R unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 SO
Wilgeroth, Sr Raymond G 3637 Spring Canyon Trl 63-65 RM
Wilkins, Jr Harold F 2514 Lookout Rd 69-72 ETN
Willhite Arnold Benton ETERNAL PATROL 4/2007 46 MoMM
Williams Hazzie B ETERNAL PATROL 11/2010 60 RMC
Williams Miles E 2613 Shadow Lake Dr 69-70 QM
Williams Robert F unknown(Too Many) 51-52 TM ComCrew2
Williams Terrence W 34 Downer Ave 60-62 TM
Williamson Donald J 1130 Pueblo Ct 61-62 SOC COB
Willis Louis unknown(Too Many) 45-46 SN
Wilson Edward 747 Long Hill Rd Apt C 71-72 ENC
Wilson Martin B 100 Delair Rd 69-71 Lt
Wine, Jr Edward H TAD - 1mo 62 SN
Winegardner Carl L 94-357 Lehopulu St 66-68 MM
Wise Dennis unknown(CA?) 68-72 EM
Witte Ernest R unknown(Not Listed) 53-54 ICC
Wizeman Larry K ETERNAL PATROL 11/2010 68-70 ETR
Wolfe Richard H 266 Soller Heights Road 60-63 MM
Wood Norman R 1550 Westbrook Ct; Apt 6219 56-61 FT
Wood Robert L unknown(Too Many) 58-59 YN
Woodard L J unknown(Too Many) oo-72 TM
Workman Chuck pending 64 FTM
Worsham Clarence D 7443 West Blackwater Road 68-72 STS
Wrinkles Glen A Rte 1 Hwy 161N 63-64 EM
Wuebker Gilbert S ETERNAL PATROL 4/2018 45-46 ET
Wurm Marshall O unknown(Not Listed) 53-54 EMC
Wylie John L 3109 Willowbrook Ct 52-62 EM ComCrew3
Wyman William E ETERNAL PATROL 2/2018 69-71 EN
Yackel Edward C ETERNAL PATROL 11/1994 51-52 SA ComCrew2
Yeatts Harold unknown(Not Listed) 57-61 EN
Yocom, Jr Richard W address unknown 60-62 SM
Yohai Isaac ETERNAL PATROL 9/2007 53-54 TM
Young Frank L unknown(Too Many) 55-56 TM
Zajechowski Stanley J ETERNAL PATROL 54-55 FN
Zemske David A ETERNAL PATROL 57-60 TM
Zimmer Richard C 29050 Via Princesa 61-62 HM
Zimmerman Donald A unknown(Too Many) 57-59 TM
Zirkle John R LKA-HilliardOH 70-72 QM
Zurr Jimmy unknown(Not Listed) 68 EM
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