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Bang Med Trips Bang's Last Underway - 1972 Don Corzine
Bang Med Trips in 60's Bang's Last Underway 9/26/72 - Special thanks to CS John Monroe (narrator/writer) and Cathie Gibson (Cimematographer and wife of last COB) BANG rescues pilot Don Corzine during
War Patrol 6
Ed Kracker Captain Harriss Bill VonDerLieth Billy Bang Bang Charleston Reunion

Interview with
Ed Kracker - Veteran of BANG war patrols 1,2,3,4&5

Interview with
Captain David Harriss
Bang's last Commanding Officer

Interview with
Bill VonDerLieth - Third Commissioning Crew

Interview with
Billy Cromie -
aka Billy Bang

Charleston Reunion
Bang Mail Call Al Cadenhead Daniel Rosenfeld 2014 visit to USS Cod
Mail Call in the Med - 1964 or 65
Thanks to Rich Shaver who filmed this when he was a Radioman on the USS Stickell (DD 888) over 50 years ago.
Interview with
Al Cadenhead - Veteran of BANG war patrols 3,4,5&6
Interview with Daniel Rosenfeld - Veteran of all six BANG war patrols 2014 Reunion Visit
to the USS Cod (SS 224). Thanks to the Cod crew for hosting us.

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