USS BANG ROSTER 1943 - 1972

Names Complete Only Thru 1962

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Hadfield M. Deane 128 Sterling Hill Rd. 57-60 EN
Hagenkotter Carl H ETERNAL PATROL 1/2018 52-54 YN ComCrew3
Haines Anthony W unknown(Not Listed) 56-61 QM
Haines John R unknown(Not in TX) 68-72 TM
Haines William B unknown(Too Many) 51-52 YN ComCrew2
Hall Donald L address unknown 71-72 MM
Hall Perry ETERNAL PATROL 52-54 CO ComCrew3
Hall Robert E 23 Michael Ln 60-61 RMCA
Hall William C TAD - 1mo 53 QM
Hamilton Joseph 159 Saloli Way 61-62 EM
Hamilton, Jr Lloyd W address unknown (Not Listed) 46 TM
Hamlett Ivan Henry ETERNAL PATROL 45 MoMM WP 6
Hampton James R 2200 N Yarbrough Dr Ste C 67-68 ET
Hanewald, Jr. Julius (Buddy) ETERNAL PATROL (approx) 2009 65-66 CS
Hansen Marius Sigard ETERNAL PATROL 44-45 MoMM WP 4,5,6 COB
Hansen Philip Edward ETERNAL PATROL 5/2018 43-45 MoMM WP 1,2,3
Harding M B "Rusty" unknown(Too Many) 68-72 QM
Hardy Carlos L ETERNAL PATROL 63-64 IC
Hardy Donald H TAD - 6wk 56 TM
Harjehausen Larry O 9798 Dogwood Ave 57-60 Ltjg
Harker Cliff C T182 Turkey Trail Drive 70-71 TM
Harlos William D TAD - 9wk 54-55 SO
Harmer, Jr Frank D unknown(Not Listed) 52-53 Lt ComCrew3
Harmon James P 26 Craig Dr 52-54 QM ComCrew3
Harrell (Munroe) Robert F unknown(Not Listed) 58-62 EN
Harris, Jr William Thomas unknown(Too Many) 46-47 StM also 51-52
Harrison, Jr William H 401 Elise Lane 61-62 CS
Harriss David J PO Box 3899 71-72 CO
Hartley John Dale ETERNAL PATROL 1995 45-46 Ltjg-XO
Hartsfield Rudolph T ETERNAL PATROL 2/2004 52-55 RM
Harvey James L address unknown 60-61 ETN
Hatfield Robert Henry unknown(Too Many) 46-47 MoMM
Haufle James R ETERNAL PATROL 2/1970 65-66 ETR
Hays, Jr Oval (n) ETERNAL PATROL 10/1992 53-56 EM
Hazapis Thomas ETERNAL PATROL 2009 45-46 Lt
Hazen John E 6085 Monte Verde Court 68-69 YN
Heater Charles R ETERNAL PATROL 10/2018 52-55 TM
Heath David C 205 Brereton Dr 70-71 TM
Hecht Robert A address unknown 62 YN
Heg James E ETERNAL PATROL 11/2015 44-46 Ens-Ltjg WP 2,3,4,5,6
Hegerty Kenneth R 501 Hedge Way 71 SN
Heiman Mark A 9789 Willamette Meridian Rd 70 EN
Heimsch Mark T 11566 Waite Ln 59-61 FN
Heinz Vincent Francis ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Heiser Donald E 2630 Northridge Dr 55-59 EN
Helfers Frederick 1818 W Acacia Bluffs Drive 71-72 TM
Helman Norvin E unknown(Not Listed) 45-46 FN
Helms Allen Rea unknown(Not Listed) 46-47 SN
Helt Richard B TAD - 6wk 62 EM
Hemingway Erastus Bradley ETERNAL PATROL 46-47 XO
Hemley Eugene A ETERNAL PATROL 51 CO ComCrew2
Hemsley Max L ETERNAL PATROL 54-56 QM
Henderson Seth P ETERNAL PATROL 44-46 RM WP 5,6
Henderson Wilburn W ETERNAL PATROL 4/1988 45 MoMM
Hendley Verdie J unknown(Not Listed) 58-61 SO
Hendrix Spurgeon B ETERNAL PATROL 12/1979 62 HM
Henrikson, Jr. George W "Sis" unknown(Not Listed) 51-52 FN ComCrew2
also 58-59 as CS
Hentz Leon B ETERNAL PATROL 1975 52-55 EM ComCrew3
Hervey James R ETERNAL PATROL 4/09 44 SN WP 2,3
Herward James D ETERNAL PATROL 6/2018 64-71 EN
Herzog Wilhelm A 646 W Main Blvd 62-65 RMC
Herzog Robert B ETERNAL PATROL 2/2012 43-45 RM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Hesky, Jr George Joseph LKA-Gary,IN (Not Listed) 45-46 EM
Hibbert, Jr Edwin "Tiny" ETERNAL PATROL 2/2002 52-53 CS ComCrew3
Hickerson Thomas P 2147 Sandalwood Dr 60-64 SK
Higgins Ronald unknown(Too Many) 60-61 TM
High, Jr. James T ETERNAL PATROL 12/03 68-69 CO
Hightower, Jr Lonnie "Cool" unknown(Too Many) 53-55 SD
Hilburn Willie J ETERNAL PATROL 56-57 QM
Hill Donald W 414 NW Knights Avenue, #807 68-71 IC
Hill Jesse R address unknown 61-62 EN
Hill, Jr Harold Thomas 7537 Laurel Springs Dr 68-69 MM
Hinker Lawrence J ETERNAL PATROL 63-64 FN
Hipp William J ETERNAL PATROL 3/2016 53-56 ENC
Hixson Louis C ETERNAL PATROL 8/1974 59-60 YNSN
Hlebo John Albert ETERNAL PATROL 7/2007 44-45 SN WP 5,6
Hobbes, Jr John T ETERNAL PATROL 54-59 EMC
Hodges, Jr Olan ETERNAL PATROL 9/1992 67-69 EN
Hoe Richard Appel ETERNAL PATROL 11/2012 46-47 EM
Hoffert, Jr Henry Krause ETERNAL PATROL 44-45 EM WP 2,3,4,5,6
Holder Jimmie TAD - 2mo 52 TN ComCrew3
Hollingsworth Leland S ETERNAL PATROL 12/2011 60-62 EM
Holloway R J unknown(Too Many) oo-72 SN
Holman Earl Thomas ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 MoMM WP 1; also 51-52
Holmquist Raymond Ernest ETERNAL PATROL 8/1993 46-47 TMC
Holt Carl Chester ETERNAL PATROL 9/1973 43-44 StM
Holt III John A 6600 Yount Street, Apt 33 69-70 XO
Holzshu Chalmer Jay TAD - 1mo 45-46 SC
Hooks Donald S address unknown 62 ETR
Hooper Mark L 2787 County Rd 3838 70-72 FTG
Hooper Harry Burton ETERNAL PATROL 46-47 EM
Hopkins William C 706 E Street 64-67 CS
Hord Robert R ETERNAL PATROL 8/1975 64-67 CSCA
Horkay Harold J TAD - 11wk 59 EM
Horn Ralph F TAD - 1mo 53 EMP3
Hornaman David H TAD - 5wk 62 ETR
Horst Elmer L ETERNAL PATROL 3/1992 62-65 ENCA
Horter Edward C ETERNAL PATROL 1/2010 51-52 RM ComCrew2
Horton Leroy J ETERNAL PATROL 10/2013 61-67 EMC COB 65-66
Horton Orville E ETERNAL PATROL 3/2013 52-53 RM ComCrew3
Horton, USNR-Ret CAPT Douglas J Lombard, IL 64-65 Ens
Houghton Terry F unknown(Not Listed) oo-72 IC
Howard John E 8760 Little Big Horn Street 66-68 YN
Howard, Jr Earle A unknown(Not Listed) 58-61 QM
Hoyer Donn William TAD - 1mo 46 SC
Hudson James L 547 De Mar Dr 70-72 EN
Huffaker Douglas D ETERNAL PATROL 7/1994 71-72 Lt
Huffaker, Jr Robert L unknown(Not Listed) 58-61 QM
Hughes Peter F H ETERNAL PATROL 53-55 Ltjg
Hughes Wallace unknown(Too Many) 56-57 MM
Hughes David C unknown(Too Many) 54 ET
Hulboj Michael J 75 Hawthorne Place 69-71 CS
Hulett Donald D ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 EN ComCrew2
Hull Larry L 4157 Avenida Madrid 66-68 SK
Hunt Thomas J unknown(Too Many) 56-58 EM
Hunter Wallace R 500 Chesopeian Trail 60-61 Lt
Huntley Gilvie H ETERNAL PATROL 52-53 EN ComCrew3
Hurley, Jr Daniel LKA-Clarksdale, MS 44-46 EM WP 5,6
Hutchins Joseph R ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Hutchinson James W TAD - 6wk 55-56 END
Hutchison Robert L TAD - 11wk 53 EMPC
Hveem Harvey R ETERNAL PATROL 11/2008 60-61 HM
Iammarino Domenic A 2641 Doug Ave 71-72 MM
Iber William R 8415 Conover Place 71-72 Lcdr Last Officer
Ice Robert D PO Box 384 51-53 EM ComCrew2&3
Ingraham William H 4 Sheridan Road 68-72 Lt
Ipema Neal ETERNAL PATROL 10/2015 65-67 MM
Ireland David J 810 Wallace Way 66-69 TM
Jackson Charles E LKA Escondido, CA 52-53 YN ComCrew3
Jacobson, Jr Herbert P ETERNAL PATROL 2014 46 ET
James Jacob unknown(Too Many) 46 StM
Jamir Isagani G unknown(Not Listed) 52-54 SD
Jarvies John E ETERNAL PATROL 56-57 Lt
Jasinski William S unknown(Not Listed) 53-54 CS
Jenkins Thomas J TAD - 11wk 51-52 ENC
Jernigan Samuel P ETERNAL PATROL 1/2011 61-62 EM
Jessop Richard A unknown(Not Listed) oo-72 EM
Johnson Darrell H unknown(Too Many) 52-53 SN ComCrew3
Johnson James E unknown(Too Many) 45-46 CK
Johnson James H address unknown 62 CS
Johnson Joseph A ETERNAL PATROL 44-45 SN WP 4,5,6
Johnson Michael C 1510 S Topeka St 72 IC
Johnson Russel C ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Johnston Richard C ETERNAL PATROL 10/2015 60-62 CO
Jones Charles G TAD - 7wk 62 EM
Jones Donzil Law ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 EM WP 1,2,3,4,6
Jones John Paul ETERNAL PATROL 44-46 TM WP 1,2,4,5,6
Jones John Francis ETERNAL PATROL 4/2002 43-45 Lt-XO WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Jones Milton R unknown(Too Many) 52-55 EM ComCrew3
Jones Neil ETERNAL PATROL 57-58 EM
Jones VonHaskell TAD - 5wk 54 TN
Jones Wilmot A address unknown 60-61 TM
Jones Charlie C 11410 Florindo Rd 56-61 EN
Jones, Jr John L 5 Marie Dr 53 IC
Jordan James S 3421 Brunswick Rd. 55-56 TM
Jorge Pacifico L 1805 Endicott Lane 69-72 MM
Joseph Stephen W address unknown 62 EM
Josiah George R TAD - 3mo 55 SN
Juliano Joseph E 12 Queen St 71-72 YN
Juray Charles A 1659 Damon Ct 59-60 FN
Jurta Richard J ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 ET
Jutstrom Robert A ETERNAL PATROL 12/09 43-46 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,6
Kamuf Donald J ETERNAL PATROL 56-59 EN
Kawitzky Henry Orist ETERNAL PATROL 1989 43-45 EM WP 3,4,5,6
Keahey Conrad W TAD - 7wk 57-58 FN
Keane Michael E ETERNAL PATROL 5/2014 58-59 ETR
Keemer, Jr Guy Clinton ETERNAL PATROL 12/2012 44 SN WP 1
Keim Walter Walker ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 TM WP 1,2,3,4
Kelderhouse Roger D unknown(Not Listed) 52-57 RM
Kelley Bernard J ETERNAL PATROL 56-57 YN
Kelly Dennis F ETERNAL PATROL 2/2019 63-64 YN
Kelly Michael C unknown Hebron, CT? 62 SN
Kelly William Wrighton ETERNAL PATROL 10/1989 44-45 EM WP 3,4,5,6
Kendrick, Jr Joel A address unknown 62 FN
Kennedy, Jr Richard A ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 Ltjg ComCrew2
Kerbacher Fred H ETERNAL PATROL 53-55 EN
Kersbergen Donald F ETERNAL PATROL 7/09 43-44 TM WP 1,2,3,4
Kershaw Karl 3325 Hemlock Farms 59-61 EN
Kielbasa William J 4 Dartmouth Street 68-70 STS
Kimball Charles D PO Box 65 53-55 EM
Kimble, Jr Floyd G TAD - 1mo 53 RMN
King John R ETERNAL PATROL 55-58 RMC also 46
King Joseph L ETERNAL PATROL 6/2008 45-46 TM
King Robert Charles ETERNAL PATROL 1/1992 45 GM
King Tommy C TAD - 2mo 62 MM
King William C ETERNAL PATROL 4/2019 62 RM
Kirk Calvin Lee ETERNAL PATROL 43-45 TM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Kish, OD, MS Robert J PO Box 243 62-63 ETR
Klein James P 5243 Hale Dr 64-66 EN
Kleinsmith Harold G unknown(Not Listed) 57-59 HMC
Klinefelter John W 7649 Gleneagles Rd 52-54 Lt ComCrew3
Klocek Rudolphe Andrew unknown(Not Listed) 46-47 CMoMM
Knight Ralph M ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 MoMM WP 1,3,4,5,6
Knox, III W S "Tripp" unknown(Too Many) 68-72 QM
Knubel John A 1365 Eliot Road 62-63 Ens
Koci Irvin A ETERNAL PATROL 44-46 MoMM WP 3,4,5,6
Koci Richard Harold ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Koenigs Paul D address unknown 62 ETR
Kone, Jr William L TAD - 1mo 53 FN
Koopman James G 2269 Qunicy Ave 70 SN
Kopp Donald C ETERNAL PATROL 60-62 MM
Korasick Walter O TAD - 2mo 45-46 FN
Korpi W E unknown(Too Many) oo-72 YN
Kortz John David LKA-LongBeach,CA 45-46 MoMM
Kottke David B 5494 Foledad Rd. 69-72 STS
Kozloski Henry A 102 Meadow St. 54-57 FT
Kracker Edward H 4028 Sea Cliff Rd. 43-45 EM WP 1,2,3,4,5
Kraft John C N49 W28619 Chardon Dr. 68-70 RM
Kraimer Harold C ETERNAL PATROL 7/1997 43-44 EMC WP 1,2
Krantze unknown(Too Many) 68-72 Lt
Krieger David H. 3304 Pleasant Lake Drive 67-69 Lt
Kronzer James E 3650 Shangri LA Point Rd 69-71 LtCdr
Kruse Ray W unknown(Not Listed) oo-72 SN
Krusenklaus Daniel H ETERNAL PATROL 46 TM
Krushel Luke H address unknown 60- QM2
Krysiak Edward F address unknown 61-62 EMC
Kuczynski, Jr Frank P ETERNAL PATROL 60-63 SK
Kuhse Glenn M 1440 Camper View Road 51-52 RM ComCrew2
Kulikowski Joseph G address unknown 61-62 IC
Kunde E Gary unknown(Too Many) 68-72 EN
Kunz, Jr Chester A unknown(Not Listed) 65-67 XO
Kurkoski Nicholas LKA-DonoraPA (Not Listed) 44 SN WP 2
Kyle C P unknown(Too Many) 68-72 TM
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