Washington, DC - September 19 - 22, 2022

Washington DC at night

The BANG 79th anniversary reunion is history. It was great to get together for the first time in 3 years and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Eric and Sally Ericson, Jennifer Wilson and Paul Schramm for putting it all together. Now work begins on next year when we hope to return to the sub base in New London (Groton)!

56-58 John & Terri Regish YN 66-68 Gabe & Pam Lewis FTGN
60-62 Bruce & Doris Neiman ETR 67-68 Eric & Sally Ericson TM Our Hosts
62-65 Charles & Patricia Archer RM 67-68 Denis & Maureen O'Brien TM
63-66 Jim & Yolanda Klein EN 68-69 Alan & Linda Thole IC
Harley Jr, Jennifer, & Harley III Wilson Guests 67-70 Robert Bridle EN
Mark & Estelle Walerzak Guests 68-71 Bill & Joan Fenton LT
Gerald &Judith Holmberg Guests 69-71 Lenny & Sharon Sciuto QM
63-66 Jane DeLong (Spouse of Ed DeLong EN) 69-72 Hal & Edith Wilkins ET
Jean Marinari Guest 70 Ike Cohen & Michelle Ostapiej SK
65-67 Ralph & Claire Gates SN 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
Lenny & Pauline Santos Guests Robert Notebloom Guest