New Orleans September 25 - 28, 2017   SAILING LIST

Picturesque New Orleans Street Car

The Bang Gang hit New Orleans for liberty call - and what a liberty call it was!   Everyone who went on the swamp tour got to hold a live alligator in their bare hands.  ...and no one lost a finger!   We could have spent a full two days at The National WWII Museum.   All of the tour guides were fonts of knowledge with a dash of humor.  And then there was the food - the Gumbo, Jambalaya and Beans and Rice were delicious and plentiful.  We all learned a lot at Mardi Gras World and Laura Plantation.  Oh yes, and then there was Bourbon Street.  And of course the ever popular hospitality room!

If you missed this one we have another planned in the Philadelphia area next October 1 - 4 ( Note this is a change from the previously posted dates).   Mark your calendars, details will be posted next spring.  Don't be left ashore!

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5    64-70 James Herward EN
Fred Meilminster & Deborah Maguire Guests 65-67 Ralph & Claire Gates SN
53-55 Charles Kimball EM 66-68 Gabe & Pam Lewis FT
55-58 Bill & Barbera Mancuso EM Karla & Diana Lindquist (Pam Lewis' Sisters) Guests
56-58 Marvin & JoAnn Christenson ET 66-68 Gerald & Connie Simpson TM
57-60 Wayne & Elaine Thalasinos TM 67-68 Eric & Sally Ericson TM
58-62 Dick Gahan IC 67-68 Jim & Esther Hampton ETR
63-65 Jerry & Pam Casebolt FT 67-70 Rob & Bette Bridle EN
63-66 Rocco & Nancy DeLeo EM 68-69 Alan & Linda Thole IC
63-66 Len Fagotti & Marilyn Barratt EN 68-71 Bill & Joan Fenton LT
64-65 Joseph Burdeshaw FT 69-71 Len & Sharon Sciuto QM
64-66 Jim & Yolanda Klein EN 69-72 Hal & Edith Wilkins ET
Harley & Jennifer Wilson Guests 70 Ike Cohen SK
Marl & Estelle Walerzak Guests 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
Gerald & Judith Holmberg Guests