Chattanooga, TN - September 12th - 15th, 2016

Lookout Mountain

BANG's 2016 reunion in Chattanooga, Tennessee was a terrific week of exploring the great southern city of Chattanooga with its history and attractions.  The following shipmates and guests were there and never forget the memories we made. The local USSVI base made our reunion special by bringing pizza to the hospitality room for everyone on Wednesday night. About a dozen members of the Carbonero Base came by to socialize with us.  We all had a good time meeting fellow submariners from Chattanooga.

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5 64-67 Harry and JoAnn Ross ST
64-70 James Herward EN
52-53 Bill and Mollie Stirewalt ET 65-67 Ralph and Claire Gates SN
53-55 Charles Kimball EM 66-68 Gabe and Pam Lewis FT
55-57 Ed Schovajsa and Jeannette Prendi EN 66-69 Charles Dougherty MM
56-58 Marvin and Joann Christenson ET 67-68 Eric and Sally Ericson TM
56-59 Phil and Dot Beals CS 67-68 Denis and Maureen O'Brien TM
56-59 Gary and Dee Probst EN 67-70 Rob and Bette Bridle EN
57-59 Joe and Marion Leonardi EM 67-70 Tom and Rose Hill MM
57-60 Deane and Connie Hadfield EN 68-69 Alan and Linda Thole IC
57-60 Wayne and Elaine Thalasinos TM 68-70 John and Darlene Kraft RM
58-61 Larry Buckmaster and Penny Gillis EN 68-71 Bill and Joan Fenton LT
58-62 Dick and Beth Gahan IC 69-70 Bill and Kathy Powell RM
Mike Hollingsworth Gahan's Guests 69-71 Len Sciuto and Sharon Stewart QM
59-60 Ray and Nancy Moore EM 69-72 Hal Wilkins ET
60-62 Ed and Sandy Moran TM 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
62-65 Lamarr and Kathy Seader QM 71-72 Luis Arellano STS
62-65 Chuck and Patricia Archer RM Guest Barbra Harring (Al Mace's Mom) MM, 63-66
63-64 Dennis and Klara Kelly YN
63-66 Len Fagotti and Marilyn Barratt EN
63-66 Ed and Jane DeLong EN
64-66 Jim and Yolanda Klein EN
64-67 Jack and Diane O'Connor MM