Cleveland, OH - September 15th - 18th, 2014

Old acquaintances have been renewed and new friendships have been made.  Goodbyes have been said and alas our 71st anniversary reunion is history.   And what a reunion it was! Domenic and Virginia Iammarino put on an outstanding reunion in Cleveland, OH.  On our private tour of the USS Cod we had excellent guides who lit off number three main engine and showed us the most complete and well stocked WWII submarine memorial in the US!  Cleveland would not have been complete without a visit to the nearby Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  And, to be sure "The Gang" saw it all.  Your shipmates enjoyed a terrific family style dinner at Primo Vino, an authentic Italian restaurant in the "Little Italy" section of Cleveland that night.  A visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the National First Ladies Library in the home of President William McKinley topped off our touring schedule.  The final night banquet concluded with excellent entertainment by Elvis impersonator Ronnie Navarra.  The hotel was anxious to please and offered a great base of operations.  Thanks to Domenic and Virginia Iammarino a good time was had by all!  If you missed this one we hope to see you at the Michigan reunion next year!

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5 63-66 Len Fagotti and Marilyn Barratt EN
44-45 Al Cadenhead and son Kurt SN - WP 3,4,5,6    64-66 Jim and Yolanda Klein,
Guests: Jim and Laura Klein,
Jennifer Wilson
& 56-59
John Murray EN 64-66 Harry and Jo Ann Ross ST
52-57 Bill VonDerLeith and Lola Bower IC 64-67 Jack and Diane O'Connor
Guests: Frank and Claudia Steinmetz
53-55 Charles Kimball EM 65-67 Ralph and Claire Gates SN
54-57 Henry and Teresa Kozloski FT 66-68 Alan Forry EN
54-57 Andy (Doc) and Jean McKaye
Guests: Ken McKaye, Alison Wickhand
HM 66-68 Gabe Lewis FTGU
55-56 Judy Myers (Jack's Widow) RM 66-68 Gerald and Connie Simpson TM
56-58 Marvin and JoAnn Christenson ET 66-69 Charles Dougherty MM
56-59 Phil & Dot Beals CS 67-68 Eric and Sally Ericson TM
67-68 Denis and Maureen O'Brien TM
57-60 Deane and Connie Hadfield EN 67-68 James Schultz TM
57-60 Wayne and Elaine Thalasinos TM 67-70 Rob and Bette Bridle EN
58-59 Gary Dannenbaum RM 68-70 John and Darlene Kraft RM
58-61 Larry Buckmaster and Penny Gillis EN 68-71 Bill and Joan Fenton LT
58-62 Dick Gahan IC 69-70 Bill and Kathy Powell and 2 Guests RM
59-60 Ray and Nancy Moore EM 69-71 Len Sciuto and Teri Saran QM
60-61 John and Lois Stewart MM 69-72 Hal Wilkins ETN
63-66 Ed and Jane DeLong EN 70 Ike Cohen SK
70-71 Paul Schramm ET
71-72 Domenic and Virginia Iammarino
(Our Hosts)