Manchester, NH & Boston, MA - July 15th - 18th, 2013

Boston post card

Old acquaintances have been renewed and new friendships have been made.  Goodbyes have been said and alas our 70th anniversary reunion is history.   And what a reunion it was!   Len Sciuto and Rob and Bette Bridle put on an outstanding reunion in historic Manchester, NH and Boston, MA.  On our private tour of the USS Constitution we had an excellent guide who was both entertaining and informative.  After a delicious lunch at the oldest tavern in Boston we learned how Sam Adams beer is made and got to hoist a few.  The JFK Presidential Library gave fascinating look at the splendor of Camelot, the Cuban missile crisis which brought the world to the brink and the tragic events of November 22, 1963.  The Library was housed in a beautiful building with a spectacular view of Boston harbor and the city skyline.  A leisurely lunch and shopping at Quincey Market topped off our Wednesday afternoon.  That night everyone had a lot of fun with the senior olympics.  The hotel was anxious to please and offered a great base of operations.  Thanks to Len, Rob, Bette and the "Red Hats" a good time was had by all!  If you missed this one we hope to see you at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland next year!

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5 64-66 Jim and Yolanda Klein
and Jim's uncle Ernie Hallman and Jennifer Wilson
44-45 Al Cadenhead and sons Kurt and Peter SN - WP 3,4,5,6    64-66 Harry and JoAnn Ross ST
53-55 Charles Kimball EM 64-67 Jack and Diane O'Connor
and guests Frank and Claudia Steinmetz
54-57 Henry and Teresa Kozloski FT 64-71 James Herward EN
55-57 Ed Schovajsa and Alice Beeny EN 65-67 Ralph and Claire Gates SN
55-58 Bill and Barbara Mancuso EM 65-67 Neal and Jean Ipema MM
56-58 Marvin and JoAnn Christenson ET 65-71 Gene Lockwood
and his granddaughter Madalyn
56-58 John Regish and Terri Delaney YN 66-68 Walt and Becky Cederholm LTJG
56-59 Phil and Dot Beals CS 66-68 George LeBlanc MM
56-59 Stu Savage CO 66-69 Charles Dougherty MM
57-59 Joe and Marion Leonardi EM 67-68 Dennis and Maureen O'Brien TM
57-59 Jim and Lories Maney RM 67-70 Rob and Bette Bridle EN
57-60 Deane and Connie Hadfield EN 68-69 Tom and Rose Hill MM
57-60 Ben LaPorte IC 68-70 John and Darlene Kraft RM
57-60 Wayne and Elaine Thalasinos TM 68-71 Bill and Joan Fenton LT
58-61 Robert Sawyer TM 69-70 Bill and Kathy Powell RM
58-62 Dick Gahan IC 69-71 John Moses EM
60-62 Ed and Sandy Moran TM 69-71 Len Sciuto QM
61-64 Dick Barbieri SOS 70 Ike and Michelle Cohen Sk
62 Roger and Gloria Miller QM 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
62-63 Charles and Sharon Anderson MM 71-72 Luis Arellano STS
63-66 Ed and Jane DeLong EN 71-72 Joe and Roxanne Juliano YN
63-66 Len Fagotti and Marilyn Barratt EN