USS BANG ROSTER 1943 - 1972

Names Complete Only Thru 1962

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Laansma Donald John ETERNAL PATROL 1/1999 44-46 SoM WP 5,6
LaBarrow Richard C unknown(Not Listed) 51 EMC ComCrew2
Labasan Esmenio T unknown(Not Listed) 57-58 TN
LaChapelle Alvin C TAD - 3mo 57 FT
LaCroix Terry L 13935 Green Acres Ln 66-69 IC
Ladner Benton A 677 Neck Rd 56-59 EN
LaFlame Gerald J unknown(Not Listed) 60 RM
Lafontaine Joseph Charles ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 TM WP 1,2,3,4,5,6
Lagestee Gerald A ETERNAL PATROL 9/2011 61-62 EM
Lahti Harry E address unknown 63-66 RM
Lalone, Jr R C unknown(Too Many) 68-72 SN
Lamothe Harold N unknown(Not Listed) 68-72 EM
Lane LeRoy Richard ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 EM WP 1
- TANG(SS306)
Lannue Robert G ETERNAL PATROL 1/2017 46-47 MoMM
LaPorte, Jr Benjamin J 122 Ralph Hoss Road 57-60 IC
Larsen Bruce H 2017 Forest St 70-71 RM
Larsen Martin LeRoy unknown(Too Many) 51 ENFN ComCrew2
Larson Dale L 3059 County Road A 55-57 IC
Larson Leonard Paul ETERNAL PATROL 43-47 TM WP 1,2,3
Lasata John Casmir ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 MoMM WP 1,2,3
Laterra Thomas address unknown 71-72 FN
LaTorre Joseph L 36181 E Lake Rd #302 55-58 CS
Laughter Wade V ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 TM ComCrew2
Lavin John O D ETERNAL PATROL 61-63 EN
Lawler Edwin E ETERNAL PATROL 10/10 55-58 EM
Lawrence Joe LKA-LAorMS (Too Many) 68-72 CS
Lawton John H 142 Bell Street 60- EM
Leary John J unknown(Too Many) 68-72 Lt
LeBlanc George F 17 Mello Pkwy. 66-68 MM
Lefebvre David E PO Box 683 oo-72 TM
Legaspi Macario R 92 5th Street 68-69 SD
Legere Paul H ETERNAL PATROL 52-54 FN ComCrew3
Legeret Terrence W address unknown 62 SN
Leggett, Jr James Preston ETERNAL PATROL 3/2011 46-47 GM
Lemmon John P ETERNAL PATROL 43-46 MoMM WP 1,2,3,4,6
Lenhart Mark M LKA-Lyme,CT 61-62 LT
Lentz Robert E TAD - 4mo 52-53 EN ComCrew3
Leonard Clair R ETERNAL PATROL 59-60 TM
Leonard William M unknown(Too Many) 60- RM
Leonardi Joseph 241 Floral Blvd 57-59 EM
Lepine Charles L 9106A Wyoming St 56-57 SN
Levy William unknown(Too Many) 51-52 SA
Lewis Dalton E address unknown 60-62 ET
Lewis Richard C ETERNAL PATROL 2/2017 52-56 FT ComCrew3
Lewis, Jr Gabriel N 5675 Phillips Rd 66-68 FTGU
Lewoczko George unknown(Not Listed) 51-52 EM ComCrew2
Lindberg Edward A unknown(Not Listed) 51-52 SA
Lipsky Richard D 5206 Old Washington Course 60-62 TM
Littler James Leslie ETERNAL PATROL 43-45 YN WP 1,2,3,4,5
Lockwood Gene 512 Windsor Gate Cir. 65-71 EN
Lohner Edward ETERNAL PATROL 59-62 EM
Lokietek Thomas J 16 Genet St 59 SA
Long, Jr Francis P unknown(Not Listed) 59 FA
Loranger Richard G unknown(Not Listed) 58-60 RM
Lorenz Clifford Calvin ETERNAL PATROL 44-45 SC WP 2,3,4,5,6
Lorrey John Henry ETERNAL PATROL 46-47 MoMM
Lott Paul 349 Knox Way 70 QM
Lowe Eugene Thomas ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 TM WP 1,2,3
Lubag, Jr Emiliano G ETERNAL PATROL 10/1999 64-66 EM
Lynch, Jr Edward H unknown(Too Many) 51 EN ComCrew2
Lytle George W unknown(Too Many) 55-56 SD
MacArthur Robert M address unknown 61-62 YN
Mace Albert K ETERNAL PATROL 8/2011 63-66 MM
Mace Albert W "Mumbles" ETERNAL PATROL 55-57 EN
MacKenzie John D unknown(Too Many) 53-55 Lt
MacLeod Angus G unknown(Not Listed) 52-53 TM ComCrew3
MacPherson Malcolm ETERNAL PATROL 3/2005 44 RM WP 4
Madigan James 63 Oakland St 67 FTG
Maguire Thomas F 365 Hammock Shore Dr 57-58 SN
Mailey James R ETERNAL PATROL 10/2004 44-46 TME WP 4,5,6
Maiorella Robert Anthony LKA-LongIsland,NY 45-46 EM
Major Richard L ETERNAL PATROL 5/2012 61-65 IC
Makley Philip C ETERNAL PATROL 54-58 ET
Malcolm Robert unknown(Too Many) 53-54 FN
Malette Richard A ETERNAL PATROL 68-72 EM
Malinofski Henry C ETERNAL PATROL 45-46 GM
Malley Thomas A 49 Hewitt Dr 51 EN
Maloney James F ETERNAL PATROL 1/2018 68-69 TM
Maly Gerald 2355 E 3rd Dr 64-65 ET
Mancuso Bill 844 County Rd 432 55-58 EM
Manderville Arthur S unknown(Not Listed) 59 EN
Maney James L ETERNAL PATROL 3/2014 57-59 RM
Mangini Anthony N ETERNAL PATROL 4/2013 55-57 CS
Manning Jack E ETERNAL PATROL 12/2014 58-59 EM
Manoogian, Jr Joseph unknown(Not Listed) 59 SO
Mansfield Richard H address unknown 61- EN
Manzi Andrew address unknown 62 EN
Marchand Donald P unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 SA
Marcille Jr Frank J ETERNAL PATROL 2/2018 71-72 CS
Markham III Lewis M ETERNAL PATROL 55-58 LT
Marshall Phillip L TAD - 3mo 61 EN
Martell William C ETERNAL PATROL 52-54 TMC
Martin George L "Marty" unknown Buffalo?(Too Many) 58-61 EM
Martin Lewis Carson unknown(Too Many) 46 QM
Martin William Erkis unknown(Too Many) 51-52 EM ComCrew2
Martinez Leo M address unknown 62 TM
Martz Daniel Albert unknown(Not Listed) 46-47 CMoMM
Maske Jr Arthur Carl ETERNAL PATROL 8/1987 44-45 MoMM WP 4,5,6
Mathewson Charles H unknown(Not Listed) 52-53 EN ComCrew3
Matovich Sam address unknown 62 EM
Maxwell James E 1183 Whispering Meadows 44-46 EM WP 4,5,6
Mayer Joseph J ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 RM WP 1
Mayeux John W address unknown 61- EN
Mayo Willie M 76 Buddington Rd Apt 8 51-52 TN ComCrew2
McCabe Joseph P ETERNAL PATROL 45-46 RM
McCallion Robert C address unknown 61- CSC
McCandless Lanny R address unknown 61- EM
McCann R A unknown(Too Many) oo-72 IC
McCarty Tony L address unknown 60- TM
McCollum Arthur H 9703 Doulton Ct. 54-56 Lt
McConnell Robert C address unknown 62 MM
McCormick James M address unknown (Too Many) 71-72 SN
McCray Robert B 35700 FM 521 Rd 54-55 FT
McCullough Edward R address unknown 62 TM
McCullough Lew Roy ETERNAL PATROL 9/2013 66-70 STS
McCully Willie Joe ETERNAL PATROL 12/2007 43-44 EM
McDermott Kenneth R 670 Baber Circle 61-62 RM
McDevitt William J address unknown 62 FT
McFadden Sr. William J ETERNAL PATROL 6/2013 53-55 FN
McGee Bill unknown(Too Many) 66-68 RM
McGettigan James J ETERNAL PATROL 3/2012 46 EM
McGirr, Jr Richard G ETERNAL PATROL 1/2018 69-72 ETC
McHale Peter J 121 Muirfield Dr. 54-56 SO
McHenry Charles S unknown(Not Listed) 51-52 EMP ComCrew2
McHugh, Jr Donald unknown Berkley CA? 69-71 Lt
McKaye Andrew B 2525 Redwood Way Apt 301 54-57 HM
McKee James T ETERNAL PATROL 7/2011 69-71 STS
McKenna Patrick ETERNAL PATROL 57-60 Lt
McKenzie Robert ETERNAL PATROL 44 EM WP 1,2
McLaughlin, Jr Charles Francis ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 MoMM WP 1,2
McManus James Edward unknown(Too Many) 52-54 IC
McMichael John W unknown(Too Many) 52-53 HMC
McNally Jesse J ETERNAL PATROL 4/2000 62 YN
McNeace Dwight William ETERNAL PATROL 71-72 Lt
McNeil William J ETERNAL PATROL 3/2011 66-68 EN
McNulty John F 3 Dover Circle 55-57 LT
McNulty John H ETERNAL PATROL 3/2017 62 RDC
Mead Carroll G address unknown 57-58 SOC
Meade Kenneth M "Twiggy" unknown(Not Listed) 68-72 YN
Meaike Larry L 1630 Main Street Apt 65 70-72 SK
Medaglia Guy V 18 Bog Lane 55-56 EN
Meierdierks John P 1666 Morgan St. 59-60 ET
Meischner Robert A unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 SN
Melville Karl W unknown(Not Listed) 57-58 EMC
Merrow James T unknown(Not Listed) 68-72 ENC
Messick Leroy W ETERNAL PATROL 45 FN WP 6
Metrick John S address unknown 62 EM
Meyer Ewald Joseph ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 TMC WP 1,2,3
Meyer Merle A 33561 State Road 35 64-67 IC
Michaloski Henry S ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 TM ComCrew2
Miles Allan V ETERNAL PATROL 57-58 QM
Miles Charles F ETERNAL PATROL 3/2013 45-46 SN WP 6
Milici Ronald 100 Kirkbride Drive, Unit 208 64-67 MM
Miller Billie M unknown(Too Many) 51-52 CS
Miller Gerald J address unknown 62 IC
Miller Herbert E 264 Montlake Rd. 52 SN ComCrew3
Miller Robert L 243 Hawthorne Dr 64-66 CO
Miller Roger A ETERNAL PATROL 1/2014 62 QM
Minior Joseph ETERNAL PATROL 1/2013 44-46 TM WP 3,4,5,6
Minnich Teddy A G unknown(Not Listed) 57-58 SN
Mitchell Charles G LKA-Tupper Lake 60-62 IC
Moat Charles N 2929 E Ocean Blvd 54-56 YN Nov - Mar
Bldg 106, Apt 6
Mobley Howard J ETERNAL PATROL 3/2005 59-60 RM
Molloy Daniel G "Mother" unknown(Not Listed) 58-59 CS
Monroe John W 1029 Bush St Apt-B 69-72 CS
Montanari Paul A ETERNAL PATROL 4/2011 63-64 EMCS
Montesano Vincent 140 Saxon Dr. 57-59 RM
Moore Charles W unknown(Too Many) 54-56 QM
Moore Edward R ETERNAL PATROL 61-65 QMC
Moore Jack E unknown(Too Many) 51-52 END ComCrew2
Moore Michael D ETERNAL PATROL 70-72 MM
Moore Patrick J 2203 Mount Misery Rd NE 67-69 TM
Moore Thomas J ETERNAL PATROL 58-59 ET1
Moore, III Raymond 119 Oliver Farm Rd 59-60 EM
Moquin Alan J ETERNAL PATROL 10/2018 62-63 IC
Moran Edward A 4813 Sebastian Dr 60-62 TM
Moran James A address unknown 62 YN
Moran, Jr Francis J ETERNAL PATROL 60-64 LTjg
Moreno F unknown(Too Many) oo-72 RMC
Morgan Richard Dean unknown(Too Many) 45-46 FN
Morgana Richard J ETERNAL PATROL 3/2015 62-64 CS
Morrison Robert M ETERNAL PATROL 8/2008 59-60 Lt
Moses John E 7 Kenneth Road 69-71 EM
Mowiser James E 2375 Woodleaf Ln 53-54 FT
Muir Ronald K TAD - 7wk 60 RM
Mulholland James W ETERNAL PATROL 5/2008 45-46 FCS
Mumford John E ETERNAL PATROL 8/2017 64-65 YN
Munroe (See Harrell) Robert F 58-62 FA
Munz Michael address unknown 61- TM
Murch Alvin R ETERNAL PATROL 59-61 EN
Murphy Bernard William ETERNAL PATROL 43-44 MoMM WP 1,2
Murray Byron A P.O. Box 1257 58-60 EN
Murray John T ETERNAL PATROL 5/2017 56-59 EN also 46
Murray Stuart G 24 Robin Hood Dr 56-58 XO
Myers Jack L ETERNAL PATROL 1/2010 55-56 RM
Myers James A unknown(Too Many) 51 TMC ComCrew2
Nance Roger A address unknown 61-62 MM
Neff Charles ETERNAL PATROL 11/2013 70-71 EN
Neil, Jr John S address unknown 52-53 TM ComCrew3
Nicely Jorde K unknown(Too Many) oo-72 SN
Nichols Joseph E ETERNAL PATROL 51-52 TMC COB
Nichols William R LKA-PetalumaCA (Too Many) 51-52 FC
Nickell Charlie B ETERNAL PATROL 56-59 TMC COB
Nielsen Kaj unknown(Not Listed) 57-59 EM
Nieman Bruce M 24 Sadler Dr 60-62 ETR
Noble Robert W unknown(Too Many) 51-52 ET ComCrew2
Noonan William "No Neck Billy" unknown(Too Many) 68-72
Noone Francis P unknown(Not Listed) 51 EN ComCrew2
Nordmark Sigvard Julius ETERNAL PATROL 5/1985 43-44 EM WP 1,2
Norgard Barry W 12808 IL Route 173 65-67 SM
Norris George F unknown(Too Many) 59 FN
Norris Wayne D "Doc" ETERNAL PATROL 6/1974 oo-72 HMC
Nowacki Fred J unknown(Not Listed) 52-54 TM ComCrew3
Nute James W ETERNAL PATROL 52-55 MN ComCrew3
Nutt Richard M unknown(Not Listed) 51 ET ComCrew2
Nuttall Raymond J G ETERNAL PATROL 61- IC
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